Shimber Beris Time Line


1957 - Shimber Beris School Inc. was established as a nonprofit entity in the state of California.

1959 - First two students arrived at Shimber Beris in San Bartolo, Baja California.

1961 – Dr. Burden purchased the school’s fishing trawler, Shimber Berian.

1962 – The Shimber Berian was destroyed in a hurricane off San Felipe, Baja California. In response to the loss, Dr. Burden and his students returned down the Baja peninsula in a caravan of "The Elephant," (an ex military ordinance wagon) and a 1948 Studebaker to San Bartolo.

1963 – In October, Dr. Burden leased with purchase-option the San Francisco registered 85’ deck length 75’ keel length Ocean going tugboat, Shelikof, docked in the Berkeley Yacht Harbor.

1964 - The Shelikof moved to the Oakland Estuary. September 11 The Oakland Tribune printed an article questioning the vessel’s seaworthiness.  Against Coast Guard injunctions, a hired skipper and cook sailed the vessel to San Diego with Dr. and ten-year-old Daphne Burden on Board.  Dr. Burden and Daphne then sailed the boat from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico, where Virginia and some sixteen students had traveled down from Oakland by bus to meet them.  After overhauling the Atlas engine in Ensenada, the Shelikof sailed on to La Paz, Baja Sur with all students aboard.

1966 - November, Virginia and Daphne Burden camped on the uninhabited island of Cerralvo from November to July1967. The Shelikof made more trips to the island from its home base in La Paz harbor during late spring and early summer when the weather was most reliable. When Virginia left the Los Paredones island camp, Daphne, a staff member and work crew dug a well and established Daphne’s permanent Las Delicias site located at the top of an arroyo to the south.

1967 - For approximately two years Daphne Burden was joined on Cerralvo Island by nine year old Dana Coates.

1969 -1970 Shimber Beris relocated to Rancho San Juan de La Costa.

1970 - The Shelikof returned to San Diego.

1972 - 1973 Shimber Beris School was deported from Mexico. It relocated to provisional locations throughout northern California and Baja.

1973 - Shimber Beris traveled by caravan through mainland Mexico to Belize.

1974 - Shimber Beris journeyed to Cero San Gill located in the Micos Montes rain forest of Guatemala and changed its Latin American name to A.S.P.R.E.J.O.

1979 - Daphne Burden escaped from her father and settled in the US.

1980 - Virginia divorced Dr. Burden and Dr. Burden married a young Shimber Beris staff member who was once a student.

1986 - September 14, San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle published articles about the school. Dr. Burden and his fourth wife adopted two Guatemalan girls.

1990 Dr. Burden leased a Belizean quay and made arrangements to establish a health resort named ASHGLO on the quay until a hurricane leveled the area.

1999 Daphne Burden and an ex staff member initiated proceedings to readopt Guatemalan children Dr. Burden and his fourth wife had adopted.

2004 Dr. Burden died in a nursing home in Haverhill Massachusetts.

2008 Virginia Burden died in a nursing home in Vista California.

2010 Daphne (Burden) Oberon contacted Peter Ashlock for the first time in forty-seven years.

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