David Burden's letter to Virginia

Dr. David C. Burden in Guatemala

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letter to virginia 1994

Dr. Burden’s Letter written to Virginia, March 24, 1994, some years after Shimber Beris School collapsed.

75 Magoon St.
Dangriga, Stan Creek District
Belize, Central America

My Dear Virginia:

I am moved to write. Although I am unaware of your intellectual/philosophical mood at this time I want to share with you my own insights.

I still have a great sense of mission. It never leaves me. At present I am trying to straighten out family problems (Daphne can explain since I have written to her of them) and feel restless to “get on with the job”—and back to Belize.

But I look back and see so much in perspective because of my age and from all that I (and you) have gone through. It would mean little unless I had gone through it all.

Do you remember in Torrance “Do not over concern yourselves with these children: they are "Children of Violence”?
I know there is a plan—a conspiracy. I know that the inspirers of theosophy (H.P.B branch) knew that by the year 2000 there was going to be an Armageddon—a low point in Kali Yuga and that millions were going to die in it—hence were incarnating at a rapid rate. The warnings in these articles I recall by H.P.B. started with “IF NOT—referring to unless the T.S. there will be unleashed a horror not equaled in past history etc. etc.” I could go with details that might have you sitting on the edge of your chair. Because I know—have seen. It is unbelievable.

While so many (most have been asleep and drugged [with drugs too yes] by false media, tv, and Hollywood and alcohol and fatigue. Whole governments have been taken over by wicked (old fashioned word) people. Clinton and his wife are samples. People are waking up: but not fast enough. There will be civil war in the U.S. and terrible bloodshed. But over the entire world while “the New World Order” takes over, it will be the same.

Already on the “underground” radio that I listen to every night (steady from 6:00 pm—12:00 to midnight) there are exposés of what’s going on and has been going on for years in preparation, and what to do. We are advised to get out of paper money: to get food supplies ahead for two years: to move out of cities into the country and become self sufficient. Now I recall how in the upper Ojai we used home milled grain and goat’s milk and cracked lima beans. That same grain mill (used by hand) is recommended for use—the same as I used. We also practiced this same kind of living in the Siskiyou foothills. But this lifestyle is being recommended—for there will be no money and pension funds will have dried up (social security.)

Now weren’t we being taught this in preparation and to be able to help others to do the same?  We are told also to live by a spring or sparkling stream of water. Municipal water will become scarce and can be easily poisoned. The New World Order plans to cut the world’s population from 5 billion to 2 1/2 billion. “They are killing people now by wars, starvation and disease, Aids is a designer disease—manufactured in military laboratories in the U.S. venereal disease, t.b, cholera and plague etc. are actually being promoted. The experience on San Gill was very special and had many of the aspects being advocated to meet the threat.

What the Soviets and Nazi did will look like a Sunday School picnic. These were a dry run for what lies ahead.

Do you see what I see? Are you interested?

Daphne tells me your living situation is not so good—that you are sharing with someone. Are you living on Social Security—how much?
Don’t imagine that I don’t care.


 P.S. We see what the “Flower Children” generation produces in people like Bill and Hillary Clinton!

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